Clinical Psychologist

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Thinking of Seeing a Psychologist?

What is Psychology and What do Psychologists do? Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. A psychologist explores both conscious and unconscious processes that occur for individuals and within relationships. A psychologist is a professional who has had many years of training in how people think, behave and interact with others. They […]

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Childhood abuse

*Trigger Warning* Most of us are lost for words when we hear or read about a child being abused. We think to ourselves, how can anyone hurt such a vulnerable young human being? We become understandably outraged when we hear that a child has been sexually abused within institutions such as the church or at […]

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Building self-esteem

We all want to feel good about ourselves. When we have good self-esteem we feel valuable and we don’t allow others to define us or treat us poorly. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and we don’t belittle ourselves. We stand strong in the belief that we’re worthwhile even if we lose our job or […]

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Managing Holiday Stress and Depression

With Christmas almost upon us, many of us are rushing around trying to prepare for the holidays. There is a festive energy in the air, while parties and lunches abound. Some of us relish in the hype that the holiday season brings, while others have mixed feelings and perhaps even dread it. Competing emotional and […]

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Challenging Unhelpful Thinking for Depression

We’ve all felt down at some point in our lives, and for some of us that feeling has been more intense and regular. Many of us in Australia, in fact, one in six, will experience depression in our lifetime. Depression is so widespread it has been referred to as the common cold of psychological problems […]

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