Clinical Psychologist

Sydney CBD

Building self-esteem

We all want to feel good about ourselves. When we have good self-esteem we feel valuable and we don’t allow others to define us or treat us poorly. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and we don’t belittle ourselves. We stand strong in the belief that we’re worthwhile even if we lose our job or […]

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Perception: Do You See What I See

It’s not uncommon in an argument for one person to tell their side of the story and for the other person to tell a completely different version of the very same event. It can feel very frustrating and confusing when someone doesn’t see things the same way we do. How many times have we heard […]

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Is it okay to be me?

Do you find it hard to be yourself at times? Do you sometimes behave like someone you’re not because you’re afraid of being rejected, or worried about what someone might think of you, or perhaps you’re not comfortable with a particular part of yourself? It could be as simple as giving someone the impression that […]

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