Clinical Psychologist

Sydney CBD

Relationships can be deeply satisfying and can also be a great place for healing and personal growth.

There is a universal tendency for people to want to bond with others – romantically, with family and with friends. That’s why most people are driven to build close, secure and trusting relationships throughout their lives.

However unhealthy relationships or being single for a long time can be a source of stress, anxiety and depression and sometimes it’s difficult to know which is contributing to which. Talking to a psychologist may help you understand what’s going on and how to deal with things in a healthy way.

Common issues in relationships and how counselling can help

  • Understanding and managing complex relationship dynamics at home and work
  • Building better relationships with your partner, step-children, in-laws, family, colleagues
  • Working out whether to stay in a relationship or leave
  • Learning to speak up for yourself
  • Better communication
  • Liking yourself, knowing your worth
  • Sexual and emotional intimacy issues
  • Internet porn
  • Coping with break-ups
  • Forming new and healthy relationships

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